TNT el mejor programa de parsimonia

TNT el mejor programa de parsimonia
TNT el mejor programa de parsimonia


sábado, 16 de febrero de 2013

Taller: Uso de filogenias en macroevolución

Aquí les dejo la información de un curso ofrecido por Transmitting Science:


I Have a Phylogeny, and Now What?: Studying Macroevolution


Evolution leaves its footprint in fossil and living taxa. This signal on the processes of origination of new organisms from ancestral lineages and their extinction can be recovered and depicted in phylogenetic trees. New phylogenetic methods would allow us to draw on the information encapsulated in phylogenetic trees in order to address a wide range of questions on macroevolution. First, this workshop will introduce attendees to the use, modification and representation of phylogenetic trees. Then, we will focus on the use of phylogenetic information to reconstruct ancestral characters and biogeographic histories, learning how to apply phylogenetic comparative methods. The workshop will also tackle the study of the shape of phylogenetic trees and how to estimate the rates of diversification throughout the evolutionary history of groups. Finally, we will learn how to test the phylogenetic signal of a trait of interest. Participants are encouraged to bring their data sets to use in the practical class.


Dr. Juan López-Cantalapiedra
(Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales - CSIC, Spain).

Workshop requirements: Graduate or Postgraduate in Biology (including paleontologists no matter the degree), basic knowledge in Statistics, R and personal  computers. In case you are not familiar with the R project, an introductory course on R will be offered the week before this workshop: INTRODUCTION TO R - Second Edition. People attending the workshop THE USE OF PHYLOGENIES IN THE STUDY OF MACROEVOLUTION and the course INTRODUCTION TO R - Second Edition will have a 20% off on the last one (see "Fees" section below). Participants should bring their personal laptop (Windows, Mac, Linux) with this software installed:

- Mesquite (free):
- R (free):
- Python Essentials for running Lagrange (free):
- FigTree, Tracer and TreeEdit (only Mac) (free):